Lara Alspaugh

Coming April 5, 2019!

Where the beauty is

by Lara Alspaugh

'Where the beauty is'Nora Phillips’ life is perfect. Well, she wants you to believe it is.

With her youngest son graduating from high school eight years after her daughter, Nora should be looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead and spending more time with her husband, Joe. Instead, on the evening of Sullivan’s graduation her life begins to unravel in ways she never would have predicted. Nora finds herself struggling to let go of the pieces of her perfect life to make room for the imperfect life she has.

Will she find the strength to redefine herself and find the moments of beauty that are hidden in seasons of change? Or will she cling to a perfect ideal that never quite measures up?

Available on Amazon, kindle, iBooks and Nook on April 5!

Last turn home: a novel

by Lara Alspaugh

'Last Turn Home' bookcoverA dream job, a loft apartment all to herself and a relationship with one of Chicago’s favorite sons is all Tessa Wallace thinks she needs to be happy. Life is moving along exactly how she planned it. When a phone call from her hometown comes with news of her estranged grandmother’s passing, Tessa is faced with a decision she never thought she’d have to make.

Going home was never an option, until it became the only one.

Tessa finds her way back to Chapel Corners, the small town in Michigan she left over a decade earlier without a plan, or a suitcase. Using her instincts, her love of Lake Michigan, an old friend and a few new ones, Tessa works to uncover the truth about her past. Will revelations about her mother, her estranged grandmother and her beloved Grandpa Henry teach her what it really means to be comfortable in your own skin? Or will discoveries about her past cause Tessa to run away again, giving up on finally making peace with her past and plans for her future?

Available through Amazon in both print and digital formats. Print format will be available for purchase on May 1.

Last Turn Home

Love, Red: a collection of letters, recollections and thoughts

by Helena Christine Stokes Hamilton and Lara Renee-Cooper Alspaugh

Love, Red book cover A collection of letters and diary entries written by Helena Stokes during her time as an American Red Cross worker in World War II, strengthened by her granddaughters thoughts and reflections of her grandmother's life and her own. The Letters span her two and a half year stint in war torn England and France, and then home as her new husband continues to deal with the war they left behind.

You may purchase a copy of Love, Red through Lulu.